Every successful database today has the following key attributes:

First, it must be web based and always accessible anytime by any device. Second, data entry must be simple and collected data must be moved upstream for financial, productivity or CRM purposes and third, it must be easy to learn and use. This is an MIS strength as we check off all those boxes.  It sounds easy but it isn’t. In fact, it is one of the most difficult things to do in all of IT. Our relationship with Microsoft  has helped immensely and  our very successful SchoolCloud Student Information System was built on tools from MSDN – the Microsoft Developer Network. We have also developed unique on line systems for : 

  • L2 – RBC Securities
  • AM/FM
  • Alberta Used Oil Management System
  • BC Used Oil Management Association
  • Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Group
  • Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp
  • SOGHU – Societe de Geston des Huiles Usage