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Michetti Information Solutions, Inc. (MIS), formed in 1993, is a medium sized system integration firm in Alberta. The company has a well established reputation for handling and solving highly technical, highly complicated IT projects. MIS head office is located in west Edmonton and the MIS Data Centre is a few miles away on Edmonton’s north side.


n 2009, long before the “Cloud” became a buzzword, we at MIS set up managed server hosting for our clients. Since then, companies large and small have moved their file, application and mail servers out of their office and into a data center facility located here in Edmonton, Alberta. Businesses love the budget predictability, the “a la carte software offerings,” redundancy, backup, security and support of moving to an offsite virtualized server. Email info@michetti.com for your free, no obligation access to your own demo server


From a complicated Microsoft SQL Server database to a full blown SharePoint 2016 workflow site, MIS provides a complete range of software development and web services. A good example of this is our work with the Rupertsland Institute and the partial redevelopment of RLI’s KETO Proprietary Data Management System, a 15 year old software-as-a-service (SaaS) client data management system. MIS has upgraded the KETO User Interface and set up a new and improved Reporting System. But it doesn’t end there. MIS manages several on line databases across Canada – all with easy to use interfaces and a rock solid SQL back end.


Is your network system working for you or are you working for the system? A solid, well designed network, from the workstation to the server to the router to the cloud and finally to your customers MUST add value every day and leverage your firm to increased revenues. Is your network constantly managed by modern monitoring tools such as Solarwinds N-Able? Is your system ALWAYS on? Is it secure? Have you changed your password policy and tested a restore from backup lately? Call MIS if you have trouble answering these tough questions – we’ll provide some simple answers. With our remote office support and emergency IT support services, your business will be fully insured of any kind of malfunctioning

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Whether you’re looking to create just one project, or multiple project,
we have a plan that will best match your needs. When the company started and we dreamed up our tagline motto, we had no idea how much staying power those four words really had. They are just as significant today as they were back in 1993 . The feeling then was if we could be all those things as a company, we would succeed.
We did.
And we have.

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