MIS Partners

A great deal of IT is about what path or direction your organization is heading.  So, smart system integrators are cautious who they select as IT partners. While we employ our partners’ technology, we like the fact they are constantly improving and above all, they let us know if we are heading down the right path. Now that is a good partnership.

Greg Michetti and Michetti Information Solutions, Inc. have ably addressed the IT needs of the Alberta Used Oil Management Association for several years now. Their practical, common sense approach to assessing our needs and managing our hardware improvements is appreciated. Their response to inquiries is timely and effective; their advice sound. Their personality and style are pleasant and relaxed; enabling them to work comfortably with us in all situations. Hire Greg; you won’t regret it. But don’t keep him away from us too often.  

Roger Jackson

I purchased a small accounting firm with very outdated systems. Greg & his team did a great job in helping to implement the right solution for my business. I am very pleased with their ongoing support and quick problem resolution and would not hesitate to recommend them to my clients and business associates.”

Beverly Arlow CGA