MIS Services

What can the move to Managed Services and the Cloud do for you? First, we can give you budget predictability as we bill on the number of users per month. Second, we are always on and provide five nines up time (99.999%). One very large associated client here in Western Canada moved everything to the ``Cloud`` and a month later, reduced the size of their on-premises IT staff by 75%. More than 90% of IT Professionals in IDC’s CloudView Survey indicated that they would evolve their digital transformation strategies to encompass multicloud postures this year

Let MIS be YOUR Digital Partner

MIS has created and maintains two large systems:

SchoolCloud: MIS created this web-based student information system in 2011. It is easily customizable to your school’s varying workflows and has passed full conformance and approval from Alberta Education.
The basic package contains over 50 print-friendly reports, hundreds of features and a user-friendly, easy to learn interface help eliminate duplication and save your organization countless hours. The system can be accessed it from any device and any web browser. Check it out at www.schoolcloud.ca
L2 Canada: The all-in-one workspace for lenders and their lawyers designed to make the debt recovery process better. L2 Canada reduces time spent on each file by up to 60%. Check out at http://l2lenderstolawyers.com/