SchoolCloud is a specialized Student Information System that manages and aggregates personal and academic student data, especially for the purposes of gathering funding information.  

The system was created to address Alberta Education’s requirements relating to its Provincial Approach to Student Information, or PASI.

The system is fully PASI-compliant meaning Student Management consists of two types of data: PASI synchronized data and non-PASI synchronized data. 

PASI Features

As of Q2 2013, the system supports PASI data that includes:

  • Student Personal data:
    • Identification Documents
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Citizenship
    • Restrictions
  • Student School Enrolment data:
    • Registration Start and End dates
    • Registration Types, Statuses,
    • Exception Codes, Grant Codes.  
  • Course Enrolment data (High School Marks)
  • Evaluated Mark data (High School Marks)
    • Scheduler
    • Batch Approval/Unapproval
    • Section management
    • Attendance

For any one student, all PASI-enabled systems world-wide share this data.  Changes in one system are propagated to all other PASI-enabled systems in near real-time.

Organization-Specific Features

Non-PASI synchronized data encompasses everything else about a student, which is largely determined by each School or School Authority's business needs. This includes:

  • Report Cards (K-6)
  • Extended Funding Information:
    • Parent demographics and data (citizenship, language, country of origin, education)
    • Family demographics and data (marital status, employment, income)
  • ASQ Screenings and Assessments
  • Detailed Medical information
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Transportation data such as pickup/Drop-off/ Distance
  • Daycare information
  • Social Worker notes

Additional Features

The system optionally includes an alternative method for the creation of student records.  Modelled after ABC Head Start's (Edmonton, AB) yearly Application process, a minimal set of student and parental personal and demographic information can be taken from prospective student's parents to first see if a student qualifies for entrance into a particular School or School Authority's program.  Applications can then be approved or denied; approved applications will become new student records, retaining all the data entered in the application.  

The application process minimizes duplicate data entry, potentially saving time and money.  All Application data is aggregated into its own set of reports, which can be used by funders.


To arrange a 30-day demo of SchoolCloud for your school organization, please call 780.463.1918 or contact

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