The MIS Cloud: Hosted Services

In 2009, long before the "Cloud" became a buzzword, MIS set up managed server hosting for our clients. Since then, companies large and small can move their file, application and mail servers out of their office and into a data center facility located here in Edmonton, Alberta. Businesses love the budegt predictability, the "a la carte software offerings," redundancy, backup, security and support of moving to an offsite virtualized server. Organizations such as the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, the Edmonton Opera, the Weinlos Clinic, and Options SHA (Formelerly Planned Parenthood)  have been using the MIS cloud for years without a problem. Email for you free, no obligation access to your own demo server.

  • Always Up - With 99.999% guaranteed uptime, redundant internet connections, backup power sources and 24 hour support, keeping your critical I.T. infrastructure running has never been better assured.
  • Cost-effective - Virtualization lets you make more efficient use of server hardware, running a virtual server at a fraction of the traditional cost and easily scaling to meet your changing needs.
  • Peace of Mind - Top-of-the-line security and automated backup services for your files and databases mean your most important information is safely protected.