Another FLA from the marketing department? No.

It stands for Digital. Virtual. Mobile. Personal. Scroll down for more on that.

By the way an FLA is a Four Letter Acronym. We tech people like FLA’s more than TLA’s.

Is your system working for you?

Or are YOU working for your system? Besides solving immediate IT problems, there are only two reasons to employ a system integration firm such as MIS. That is, we must help your organization maximize revenues or help you reduce costs.

We Make the Net Work

Is your current support film responding in a timely way? Is your primary database adding value every day? Are your monthly costs predictable?  If you said “NO” to any of those, call us for a “YES”

Digital. Virtual. Mobile. Personal.

When the company started and we dreamed up our tagline motto, we had no idea how much staying power those four words really had.  They are just as significant today as they were back in 1993 .  The feeling then was if we could be all those things as a company, we would succeed.
We did.
And we have.


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MIS Data Center

Eventually, any business will need its data to be virtualized. We offer the best cloud system solutions in the industry!

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SchoolCloud is a PASI-compliant Student Management Information System for small and mid-sized Alberta educational and special interests organizations.

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Managed Services

If your staff can’t access the Internet or if your network is down let’s face it: You might as well send everybody home. All business today is tied to the Internet or a local computer network and if it’s not working quickly and efficiently, it is costing you money. Call MIS. We can fix this!

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