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Project Summary

SchoolCloud is a Student Information System for use by schools in Alberta. Created in 2012, the system is PASI (Provincial Approach to Student Information) approved and is the only SIS created and based in Alberta. You can check out the details of the software by going to 

SchoolCloud Features

Here are a few SchoolCloud features:

SchoolCloud: More than a Student Information System

If you are utilizing multiple applications to manage different aspects of your school, then SchoolCloud is the perfect solution for you. Not only do we offer features for tracking students, grades, attendance, and schedules, but our basic package also includes additional functionalities right from the start. For instance, you’ll have access to a Google Map that displays bus routes and an online application form that seamlessly integrates with your system. But that’s not all. SchoolCloud is renowned as the most easily customizable system used in the province. We have complete confidence that our team’s unique experiences and creative development style will undeniably contribute to the growth of your school.

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