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L2 Lenders to Lawyers

The all-in-one workspace for lenders and their lawyers designed to make the debt recovery process better. L2 not only puts lenders and lawyers on the same robust file management system, it also puts their partners in the process, such as bailiffs, appraisers, process servers and property managers, on the same platform, as required.  All the while maintaining complete solicitor client confidentiality.

How L2 Works

L2 offers every person in the loop an up-to-the-moment, permanent record of every file. Highly accessible and easy-to-use, L2 makes collaboration smarter, transforming the whole process to handle more files in less time.  When we shift critically important people and tasks onto a shared virtual workspace, we can open files, log progress, and move through the process without bottlenecks, blind spots, or chasing. With every person, file, and document connected in one place, the time it takes to close a file shrinks. Banks save money, resolving debt for rapid reinvestment.

L2 Lenders to Lawyers

Check out the L2 website at: https://l2lenderstolawyers.com.